Transforming Stocks Into Stories

Why Give Stock to Orion?

If you are considering a donation of $1,000 or more to Orion, you might be interested in learning how a donation of stock can help you do more for Orion and save you cash. 

In many cases, you can benefit from tax savings. Plus you provide Orion with an influx of funds to support the writing and art you love.

Why not just sell your stock and give cash to Orion? If you sell your stock and donate the proceeds, you are responsible for paying taxes on that sale. When you donate your stock, the full value is available to Orion.

Sample Appreciated Stock Transfer of 200 shares of BigStockCompany purchased several years ago at $30 a share.

  If you sell shares    If you donate shares
Market Value   $9,000   $9,000
Original cost   $6,000   $6,000
Capital Gains    $3,000   0
Federal Capital Gain Tax    $450 (at 15% rate)   0
State Tax (5% or more)   $150   0
Amount available to Orion   $8,400   $9,000


Most states tax capital gains at your income tax rate. Please confer with a tax professional to confirm your personal tax benefit potential. 

Giving Stock is Easy

Step One: Make arrangements with your broker to transfer stock to Orion. Share these important details:

  • Name of Account: The Orion Society
  • Name of Broker: JP Morgan Securities LLC
  • DTC Number: 352
  • Account: 220-16435 MM6
  • Tax Identification: 22-3508064

Please note that The Orion Society is the publisher of Orion magazine and the formal recipient of charitable contributions.

Step Two: Inform Orion of your pending donation. When stock is transferred into Orion’s brokerage account, you are not identified as the donor. Orion simply knows stock has arrived in our account. To ensure you are properly acknowledged and your gift intentions are followed, you can call Orion at 888-909-6568 x11 (for Amy Brady, Executive Director) or fill out this form

Step Three: Feel good about doing good. You did it! You funded the writing and art that you love.

When securities are received in our brokerage account, Orion sells them within five (5) business days. Unless informed otherwise by you, proceeds from the sale are directed to Orion’s general operating fund. We will send you a formal acknowledgement of your donation for your tax records.