Hand-in-glove.org is no longer available here. Please try handinglove.org.uk instead.

Hand in Glove

Hand in Glove is a Bristol-based project which encourages and helps facilitate artwork which the public can encounter in unexpected and unusual places.

What Does the Project Do?

Hand in Glove commissions new and provocative works of art for public consumption outside of traditional venues such as art galleries. The works of art may be found in places as diverse as supermarkets or on a social housing estate. One of the central tenets of Hand in Glove is to bring creativity to those who would typically not experience it.

How Can People Get Involved?

Hand in Glove is all about public participation. The website details all the current and past artistic endeavours and also has a contact page where, if people are curious about the projects, they can get involved in the programme. If they are a young and budding artist with a wealth of ideas, they also mentor and advise those who are looking to maximise their talents and opportunities.

Similar Projects

Hand in Glove is one of several organisations whose aim it is to bring community art to the broader public. Art4Space is a UK-based not-for-profit organisation which works with housing associations to bring art to those in social housing. It also provides workshops for the community. They also boast a unique Art4Space studio which is located in South-West Wales. There are many other community art projects around the world, including the evocative Pictures of Garbage installation in Rio de Janeiro and the NAMES Project AIDS Memorial Quilt in Atlanta, USA.

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