Orion and Personal Wills


Photo by Johannes Plenio


Remembering Orion

Recent events have many people reconsidering their priorities, their legacies, and how they want to be remembered. If you are updating your will or drafting your first will, please consider including Orion. With thoughtful consideration, you can help ensure that Orion will endure for decades to come. 

Where there is a will, there is a way…to give

A gift of just 1% of your estate can have a resounding impact on Orion’s work and express your values, while also preserving support for your loved ones. 

Simply include in your will or amend your revocable trust to state: “I give (____ percent of my estate) or (____ dollars) to the Orion Society, publishers of Orion magazine.”

Please let Orion know of your estate intentions so that you can be properly acknowledged. We want to thank and celebrate you, while also respecting your privacy.

Plan with your retirement account

Retirement accounts may be subject to both income tax when dispersed and estate tax for your heirs. You may be able to lower that tax burden and support Orion if you plan appropriately.

Anyone who is over 70.5 years old can transfer tax-free gifts (maximum $100,000 each year) directly from their IRAs*. Charitable gift rollovers:

  • Transfer tax-free from your IRA directly to Orion  
  • Can be applied toward your annual Required Minimum Distribution (RMD)
  • Beneficial for individuals who do not itemize deductions on their income tax

*403(b) plans do not qualify and must be converted to a traditional IRA.

You can also name the Orion Society, the publisher of Orion, as a primary or contingent beneficiary of your retirement plan, removing this asset from your taxable estate. Your retirement plan provider will have the proper forms.

Life Insurance

Similarly, you can name Orion as a beneficiary — primary or contingent — of your life insurance policy. Your insurance agent can provide the proper forms.

Keep Orion Informed

Tracie Butler-Kurth, Individual Giving Coordinator, can help answer your questions about planned giving and work with you to make sure you are thanked and appreciated for your generosity to Orion during your lifetime and into the future. She can be reached at development@orionmagazine.org or 413-528-4422.

The federal taxpayer identification number for the Orion Society, publishers of Orion magazine, is 22-3508064.